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Pantry Overhall – a.k.a. We love The Container Store
August 26, 2008, 9:39 pm
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It didn’t take long for the Kitchen Pantry to get out of control.  We’ve been at the apartment 4 months now, but the Pantry Overhall which we kicked off last nite has been long overdue.  Our cooking extravaganzas have led us to try to concurrently stock our shelves with 7 kinds of pasta (no-boil lasagna, shells, orichette, wheat spaghetti, linguini, organic alphabet letters, and organic wheat rigatoni), 5 kinds of rice (jasmine, arborio, white short grain, pearl, and a mix of leftover types) and 4 kinds of flour (white, white whole wheat, whole wheat, and gram).  These carbs in combo with canned goods (tomatoes, coconut milk, roasted red peppers), nuts (walnut, pine, almonds) chips (blue corn, yellow corn, flaxseed) amidst other miscellaneousitems, and did I mention the spices??  We were splitting our seams.  Going into the pantry could at times be trying.  Gently moving items to look behind to see if you could find the one thing you were looking for.  It was becoming difficult.  And that’s just the food.  Then when you start to amass cooking items (the food processor, blender, stand mixer, waffle maker, panini grill, pasta maker, coffee bean grinder) and baking items (muffin tins, mini-muffin tins, 8″ cake rounds, 9″cake rounds, bread loafs, glass dishes, metal dishes) you feel like the pantry could cave in around you. 


We made what will be the first trip to the container store on Sunday.  Washed all the containers that nite and started in on organizing last nite.  What was supposed to be “too many” containers is in reality too few.  I thought we were being proactive.  But it feels a little like packing, turns out you always have more than you thought.  Glass jars with hermetic seals, Plastic containers with Snap lids, and a number of racks, and some spice containers.  All was supposed to encompass our needs for storage and organization.  We need more.  So we’ve started.   I sadly did not take a before picture to wow you with our newly organized pantry, but anybody with an organizing geek in them will appreciate the new look.   Pictures to come later in the week, once we finish the project.  


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