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Thailand Floating Market
August 29, 2008, 5:43 pm
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Floating Market

Floating Market

My sister just got back from a trip to Thailand and India to vacation and see some of her relatives.  I was excited to open the mail box on Wednesday to find this postcard she had sent me.  It’s of the Floating Markets in Thailand.  Fresh foods for everyone!!!  I didn’t know anything about the Floating Markets, so I did a little research.  There are several Floating Markets in the canals in Bankok and also outside of the city.  The original and most famous being “Damnoen Sadauk“, 80 miles southwest of Bangkok in the Ratchaburi province.  Vendors sell a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as coconut-milk drinks and other foods such as noodle dishes and cooked meats.  The markets open early around 6AM and usually close up by noon.  In the tourist tips sections I visited they all recommended heading out early, before 8AM in order to avoid all the tourist hub-bub.  Which is why, if you pause a moment and look carefully at the picture, I laughed when I studied the postcard.  The 6th row back includes a boat full of tourists passing through the market.  Look again and perched on a small dock at the right hand edge of the photo, is another man taking a photo of the Floating Market.  Part of the authentic look now includes tourists.  Which is now when I start to think about the thrill as a tourist of visiting one of these markets.  Sure the fact that we don’t buy our produce from off of boats here is part of the thrill, but once you get over that, it’s really just a market.  Farmers markets, and new ventures like the Green City Market here in Chicago, are the US version of these floating markets.  Yet many of the tourists who flood the Floating Markets to marvel at all the things for sale have never visited their neighborhood farmers market at home.  Wouldn’t it be great if farmers markets grew in such popularity that foreigners on a visit to Chicago just had to make sure that they were able to include the Green City Market on their list of tourist stops in the city?  So this week I encourage you to stop at your local farmers market, or head down to the Green City Market.  If you live in Chicago, you can click here to find where and when your local market may be.


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