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Finale Cake
September 4, 2008, 3:38 pm
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We hosted the baby shower for our friends Jennifer and Rene this weekend, and made use of the knowledge we gained while making the demo cake in order to create the final product. Total Success!!! It always feels good to have people compliment your food, and the cake was the perfect offering for such praise. As J & R have elected to have the baby’s sex be a surprise we went with the frosting color choice of green. Worked well I think. And even though we made a demo cake there are still things that differed and new notes on cooking to add to my memory.

1) Soymilk makes a batter much runny-er (no idea how to spell that) while Cow’s milk makes it thicker. The soymilk cake needs less time to cook, which translates to, I burnt the demo cake a bit, and we had to cut off the burnt part in order to proceed. 2) When plating cake pieces, plate from the front to the back, that way if a finger slips and marrs the icing, it’s on a piece in the back, and not the one right smack dab in the front. 3) While you pipe buttercream frosting, your hand heats up the frosting and causes some of it to melt, so be prepared that you may get a liquid stream squirt out the tip of the bag as you decorate. You can avoid this by keeping you hand further bag on the rolled part of the bag, and periodically pausing and placing the icing and bag in the refrigerator until it cools back down.


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So I looked and looked and looked for where you wrote about this cake. And I was so disappointed when I didn’t find the recipe to go with it! 😦 The demo cake was delicious and I think that you should share that tastiness with the world (and by world, I mean ME!). But maybe I’m just stupid and didn’t know how to find the recipe if you posted it – if so, please do share!

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