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Garage Sales and New Treasures!!!
September 8, 2008, 4:48 pm
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This past Saturday the neighborhood just south of us had a huge multi-family garage sale. 3 X 4 block radius with approximately 50 sales!!! Just what did I take away from all of this? Two new cookbooks and this really cool book which is just titled “Ingredients”. I know there will come a time when I will have amassed too many cookbooks and want to get rid of them, but that time is not yet here. Right now I still just want more of them, and garage sales are a great way to add to my collection.

I remember the first time April took me to her friend Ilana’s house. Ilana and her husband met in culinary school and both were in the business until Ilana left to pursue her MFA at Columbia, (which is where she met April, which is how I come to know her). What I remember is sitting down at her dining room table and scanning the room. I quickly noticed the bookshelf just off to the side, and being an avid reader, I leaned to check out some of the titles. What I quickly realized was that they were all cookbooks!!! 4 or 5 shelves worth!!! Several hundred in all!!! I was in awe!!! I was super jealous!!! Ilana was more than happy to lend us some of her books, and I think we took two home that evening. THANX ILANA!!!

I often peruse the craigslist ads and have been tempted of late to e-mail someone about an offer such as this one. Where they used to be a caterer and have a huge collection of cookbooks that they want to get rid of in one fell swoop. While April loves food as much and maybe more than I do, I’m not sure how she’d react if I came home with a new library worth of books. For now, I’ll stick to building up slowly. 3 at a time, from trips to a weekend garage sale 🙂

I do hope to make something new this week from one of the cookbooks, so check back to see what that may end up being.


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