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Our organic tomatoes just taste better
September 15, 2008, 9:29 pm
Filed under: Cooking

I may be predisposed to claim that organic tomatoes just taste better, but it has got to be the truth.  Fresh tomatoes picked ripe off the vine and brought home to my kitchen within 2 days just making the eating experience that much more divine.  Just check out the beauties we got this past week. 

Red, Yellow and Green Beauties!!

Red, Yellow and Green Beauties!!

Fresh ingredients make the difference in any food item you use, but fresh and in season tomatoes can not be beat by any other variation, or special brand you might try to prove me wrong with.   When you are using fresh ingredients, you really don’t need much else.  

If you have fresh tomatoes on hand, this simple Yellow Tomato Salsa idea from Real Simple tastes just divine and only has 4 ingredients,

1. Tomatoes
2. Red Onion
3. Basil
4. Salt

They ask for yellow tomatoes, but really any will do. The yellow color just makes the salsa look pretty. The only tip I would advise is to de-seed the tomatoes before adding them to the food processor. The first batch of this salsa I made came out a little runny. If you remove the seeds first you get a more solid mix which clings to a chip a bit more easily and eases consumption.


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