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Thursday are Burger Nite at the Edgewater Lounge!!!
September 24, 2008, 12:58 pm
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Last summer I was first introduced to Burger Nite at the Edgewater Lounge.  It has since become one of favourite Chicago haunts and a summertime favourite.  The Edgewater Lounge is located at the corner of Bryn Mawr and Ashland.  You may or rather may not have noticed the sign for it suspended above it’s front door.


How old you ask?

How old you ask?

Before being initiated to my first Burger Nite, I had noticed this sign only to think, “How old is that sign? What kind of crap place might that be?”  How wrong I was!!!  The Edgewater Lounge is the perfect place to grab a burger, have a couple of beers with your friends (they have Oberon back on tap!!!), and kick back with a couple of friends.  They make the best burgers in town, I regularly take mine medium with Blue Cheese, but there are plenty of other options like grilled onions, bacon or avocado to pleases your fancy. Burgers are $5 bucks on Thursday nites, with most added fixin’s adding a buck to your bill.  Seriously folks! Our friend Jennifer likes to talk about getting a deal when you only have to pay $5 bucks for it.  Mind you this is entirely different from $5 DOLLARS and $5 Bucks is all you need for your burger, a pile of coleslaw (some of the best, not too sweet, not too mayonnaise-y) and a helping of fattie fries.  With a side of mayo please!

The Edgewater has a fantabulous outdoor seating area during the few warm months that we enjoy here in Chicago.  Festive lights and votive candles once the sun goes down, make your evening just a little bit brighter 🙂  I recommend finding a few hours some weeknite soon to get over there and try it out.  For not only is there a Burger Nite, but if you chat with some of the people there, you’ll find a lot of people have a “nite” they usually attend.  It may be Friday with their Fish Fry, or Tuesday

with Sloppy Joes.  There’s something for everyone.  So get your butt over there and give them some of your business.


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Mmm. I want burgers too. Only I’m in LA. -__-

Comment by ianislost

[…] It was as if Tony himself was reading it to me, or rather he was sitting in the back room of the Edgewater Lounge, (by their newly added fireplace, love it!!!) telling me about the adventures he has had in the […]

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