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September 25, 2008, 4:47 pm
Filed under: Cooking

This weekend welcomed my birthday and a weekend camping trip to Chain-O-Lakes State Park.  It was our first chance to really try out the mondo tent (theoretical 10 person = actual 2 women +1 dog) I purchased earlier this summer.  It was a great three days of fire building, cooking, smore eating, day hiking, and Harry Potter reading 🙂  While April and I agree that we may essentially be urbanites, there are definitely hippie elements hiding out in us that are just waiting for us to get our feet dirty and camp out in the woods.  Food in the woods is an interesting prospect.  Do you use a camp stove? Do you eat freeze dried foods?  Trail Mix?  Fruits?  Or do you spend what seems to be a majority of your time making a fire, waiting for it to get hot enough and then cooking what we deemed an essential American Camp food… the Hot Dog!!!  I vote, the Hot Dog!  Which lent me to think, what do they eat in Japan when they go camping? Research required.

Red Hots! Mustard!

Red Hots! Mustard! Get

 I love these silly things.  Martha Stewart just hosted a Hot Dog episode yesterday on television, how unlikely.  This go round saw us topping off with Mustard Only.  No Chicago Style dogs in the woods.  Have to save that for Huey’s(which you should all visit up in Andersonville, my fave local hot dog stand).   But mmm…  hot dogs over the camp fire have that smoky taste that you can’t get anyway else.  There was a period in my life where I absolutely refused to eat hotdogs.  “They aren’t food” I’d protest.  But now, I’ll saddle up to go and get hot dogs any day of the week.  They are a weakness for me.  A flight of ideas made me want to make a list of all the hot dog stands in Chicago and eat my way thru them.  But, ughh, what would become of my girlish figure??  I’ll have to document the randomness that comes along with not wanting to balloon up to 200 pounds.

In addition to hot dogs, we made some chicken burrito wraps after charring some preseasoned at home chicken that we skewered for the grill. Don’t they look delicious?

Char it good!!!

Char it good!!!

However, next time Note to Self: Bring a grill scraper/cleaner thingie. While encouraging words of “I’m sure it got hot enough and burned off anything that might kill us” the cleanliness of the State Park camp grill leaves something to be desired. Caked on grime from who knows how many users before you grilling who knows what is a little less than appetizing. But when you’re camping in the woods, everythings a little messy, a little dirty, a little out-doorsy, so you go with the flow. Of course, this doesn’t always stop me worrying, but alas I can be talked into things.

I can’t wait to head out to the woods again. We picked up a new cooler on the way home, so food transport should be easier next time around, and maybe we can try something a little more gourmet! Sweet


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