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Cooks Illustrated Magazine
September 26, 2008, 2:58 pm
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I’m super excited about my new birthday subscription to Cooks Illustrated that my friends Jennifer and Rene ordered up on my behalf.  Suga-Sweet!!!  Their attached card also made me giggle when it talked about why it was good for me because “You love the scientific method. They love the scientific method!!”  It’s true I’m a total science geek, and this magazine is right up my alley.  It makes me want to make foods I don’t even particularly like just to try out their methods!!!  For example.  The Roast Chicken.  I like the idea, but once it’s cooked and I then have to try and gnaw the meat off the bone, I am no longer quite as excited.  But the new issue, has an article on Roast Chickens talking about how the Chicken should be Butterflied so that it can be started in a Skillet to ensure that the skin gets cripsy.  And that by butterflying it, you can cut into the legs to spread an herb butter that will stick to the meat and not just run off the bird as it cooks.  That you should still spread an herb butter underneath the skin on the breast and you should always use fresh herbs.  And that since you are using fresh herbs you want to add the ones to the outside halfway through the cooking process so they don’t completely dry out as the bird reaches optimal temperatures.  Seriously folks, these articles are amazing.  And when you think about how many chickens they must of roasted in order to figure it all out?  I can barely even imagine what kind of “test kitchen” they must have available to try out all the variations to arrive at the best solution to cooking the perfected roast chicken.   Check out their article here on a Chicken Supper that includes Chicken Piccata, Rice Pilaf with Vermicelli, Roasted Green Beans and Hot Fudge Pudding Cake.  And they are a step ahead of you, also providing a Shopping List, and a game plan on which items you should start first so your dishes are ready at the same time.  Flipping unbelievable!  These people are genius!


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I have heard good things about this magazine, but it’s not one I subscribe to. I need to look in to it!

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