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Hopleaf Bar in Andersonville
September 29, 2008, 4:12 pm
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The Hopleaf is a bar/tavern located at 5148 N. Clark (just south of Foster) in Andersonville.  While yes, this place has lots of beers, many many tasty beers,  so many to choose from (in fact re looking at the list now, I want to go and try out one of the 5 different kinds of Cider they carry from France and England) it also has some great food.  If you’re approaching at night, look for the many neon lights that are aglow in the 2 story front on the west side of the street.

The front serves more as bar area, with a bunch of smaller tables and some booths.  The back area has seating by a hostess and food service from a waitress.  We had dinner there last nite, and remarked at how well the menu does its limited number of items.  The Hopleaf serves 5 kinds of Sandwiches, 6 Entrees, and 3 Salads.  Beyond that there are only a handful of appetizers and sides to choose from, but they all seem set to please.  Oh and don’t forget about the “Our Specialty” (which I have not yet tried), which seems to be a Hopleaf favourite judging from the number of tables around us that were enjoying them. 

We both noshed on Toasted Nueske Ham sandwich.  It’s a super huge serving, and with our add on Side of the Stilton Mac and Cheese, I couldn’t even put away the first half of the toasted ham on Pumpernickel sandwich.  I love Mac and Cheese, and am happy to report that the Hopleaf version gets an enthusiastic thumbs up. 

 The addition of Stilton cheese, which is self-described as “Britain’s historic blue cheese and Britain’s favourite blue cheese”, to the mac and cheese gives it a certain blue cheese oomph without being overpowering. It’s been made in the counties of “Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire from local milk” for nearly 300 years now. While I wasn’t around 300 years ago in order to give a comparison test to what it tastes like now (really no-body’s going to really know if it still tastes the same) the current palatability is scrumptious. I’m a sucker for blue cheese, and ooh, perusing a bit, I want to try some of the sampler recipes from Stilton, like this Stilton and Walnut Quesadilla with Apple Fig Salsa. Blue cheese pair so excellently with walnuts.

But anywhoozle. The Hopleaf rocks, you should go. I want to go again already. Maybe I’ll see you there next time. 🙂


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