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Nan Khatai Biscuits (otherwise known as cookies)
October 1, 2008, 12:19 pm
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I tried out Manjula’s Nan Khatai Biscuits last nite. I forget sometimes about the differences in culture and word choice, and this became evident quickly when I watched the video Manjula made for these Nan Khatai. She describes them as “egg-less biscuits. Very delicious. Easy to make. Light and crunchy, great to serve with tea.” Perhaps the tea should have been my first tip off, but all I heard was “egg-less biscuits” and then got lost in my brain thinking, EGGS? Eggs don’t normally go in biscuits do they? I didn’t think so? Am I thinking wrong? And then as she begins to talk about sugar and mixing it with butter it dawned on me. Biscuits!! Cookies!! Everything began to fall into place. So I tried making them. Here’s my result.

One of the most interesting things about them, is that they contain 3 different kinds of flour, which is not customary in most cookie recipes I’ve tried. Of course I haven’t been making Indian cookies very often. You need All Purpose flour, the one most often associated with baking, Semolina flour, the one most associated with Pasta, and Gram Flour or Besan (which should not be confused with Graham Flour), the flour most associated with?? I’d never heard of Gram Flour before I started reading Manjula’s Blog.

Graham Flour, as the name is pronounced, is a type of whole wheat flour and has a coarser element that contains both the endosperm and the bran and germ.

Gram Flour is a flour actually a flour made from ground chana dal, which is a type of lentil that is similar to the chick pea (just like that used in Hummus).

The cookies were delicious. Crispy, reminiscent of short bread, but with a nuttier flavor, (they are topped with almonds and pistachios) The recipe uses ground cardamom that is added to the dry ingredients that is distinct and was new to my taste buds. The only disappointing thing was how few it made. I only got 16 cookies out of the recipe. Perhaps I’ll have to double it next time. 🙂


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From looking at your picture, you cooked them too long. They are like a shortbread and should not be so browned on the top. There should be just a start of browning around the edges. That’s all.

Comment by Jaya

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