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It’s the place where you always order the same thing
October 8, 2008, 3:06 pm
Filed under: Restaurants

Our place is Jimmy Johns.  “I’ll have a number four with cheese, a number twelve on french, and two bags of jalapeno chips.”  At least once a week someone in our apartment is making this phone call.  Sometimes it’s the nite we’re home late from work and need to eat NOW!!!  Sometimes it’s the nite we had dinner making plans and just don’t feel like cooking.  Sometimes it’s the nite we’ve been sick all day and can’t really think about making food.  And sometimes it’s the nite we just have a craving.  Whatever the case, we always order the same thing.  I don’t know what it is but these sandwiches are just that tasty!!!

And I’m also happy to report that Jimmy John’s uses fresh ingredients that other sandwich shops don’t.  As it’s written on the company website…

“At Jimmy John’s, vegetables are brought from the fields to the packer to the shipper to my restaurants. They are unpacked, washed, sliced and served to you. They are genuinely fresh – this is my definition of fresh. From the field to the truck to the store to the slicer to your sandwich. That’s why mine taste better, they are made with fresher stuff. My definition of fresh and their definition of fresh are significantly different.

My turkeys are fresh, boneless turkey breasts that are seasoned with salt, baked fresh and sliced fresh every day. They are all different sizes because like pigs, the farmers haven’t learned to grow equal sized turkeys yet. Because computers cannot think like humans, each of our turkeys is hand-sliced in every single Jimmy John’s restaurant around the country every single day.”


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