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Infused Vodka made in your Dishwasher?!?!
October 21, 2008, 1:28 pm
Filed under: Cooking

Two of our carving party attendees brought with them some home-made infused vodkas that… they made in the dishwasher?!?!  “Huh? I can’t have heard that right… did you say you made it in your dishwasher?”  And then they start to explain and it all makes sense.  First you need the right kind of bottle.  (I am currently in the process of getting the detailed info from them on what kind and where they purchased said bottle but…) Fill it with vodka and the flavour infuser of your choice.  They brought both apple cinammon and cranberry with them, but the possibilities seem endless

Then, ensuring they stay tightly sealed while in the dishwasher, run them through the cycle (again I need to know what cycle).  As the bottles heat up (but don’t boil) the flavours are released into the vodka to give you an infused vodka of your choosing.  Plus they look so pretty and are sure to impress your friends!!!  I want to know exactly how to do this and try and make a cucumber infused vodka.  I tried a cucumber infused vodka a couple of years ago, that when mixed with a cranberry juice made for the perfect refreshing drink!!!


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