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Organic Fruit Basket
October 30, 2008, 6:43 pm
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This set of Organic Fruits Children’s toys sold by Uncommon Goods is too cute!!!  I smell a baby purchase in the future.  Our friends J&R (the baby shower cake recipients) had their baby earlier this month and I have apparently already become the aunt that can’t be stopped.  stuff for babies is too darn cute!!  so small.  it’s kind of like shopping for shoes where you see them on display in a size 5 and they are just so cute you can’t wait to try them on, and then they bring them out in your size (a 10, so sad) and they just look enormous.  Well baby things are like display shoes.  so freakin’ cute!!!  This set of fruits are made using “vegetable dyes and hand picked 100% organic Egyptian cotton” so cute, safe for your kid, and good for the world.  

I got the catalog for Uncommon Goods randomly in the mail a couple of years ago and I always enjoy browsing through their stuff.  The company strives to provide customers with products that are looking out for the world.  Their print catalog had this to say

“our commitment to sustainability

We care about the impact our business decisions have on the outside world.  Everything we sell is made without harm to animals; we offer many recycled and organic products, and we print this catalog on FSC-certified paper.  We’re proud to have been selectd as a founding member of B Corporation a standard for social responsibility that promotes sustainable practices, such as paying a living wage to our employees”  

all in all seems very cool.  I’ve read about the FSC but I need to do some research about this B Corporation.  Looks like something that may be a standard stamp of approval that if successful would help tip off consumers that a company meets a certain set of standards.  Very cool.  So if you’re looking for a gift for someone and you don’t know what to get, maybe you should check out UncommonGoods and see if something there strikes your fancy.


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