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Penne with Goat Cheese and Kale (no Olives or Turkey)
November 18, 2008, 10:21 am
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With a quick stop by Trader Joe’s on the way home, I amassed the needed items to try out Martha’s Penne with goat cheese, kale, olives, and turkey (minus the olives and turkey) last Thursday for dinner.  The recipe was included in a section that aims to give you recipes on how to use extra leftover thanksgiving turkey.  But seeing how thanksgiving has not happened yet and we are trying to eat less meat anyway, I decided to just leave it out and make a version of the dish anyway.  I know adventures away from the recipe.  And to my disbelief there is not a link to the recipe on Martha’s site.  You may only be able to find it currently in the November issue of Martha Stewart Living. 


The motivation for a lot of meals have come from “Hey, what did we get in the food share this week?”  This was one of those.  We received a bunch of Kale of the curly type , that is the standard kind of Kale you might find at a Jewel or a Dominick’s.  There are always more variety of a particular vegetable than I have usually thought of and kale proves to be no different.  Without much experience I was more surprised that this kale was curly where as the red russian kale  I had used earlier this summer to make ravioli was of a flat leaf variety.  Something to note about cooking the kale. The curly variety does not cook down like spinach or chard.  I was expecting the kale to wilt and reduce dramatically in size when cooked.  While it does shrink some, I suspect the curl of the curly kale (which has a lot more surface area than flat) is partially what makes this true.


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