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Delicata Squash Salad with Pomegranate Dressing
November 20, 2008, 4:56 pm
Filed under: Cooking

I finally got around to cooking with the delicata squash that we received in the food share about a month ago.  Yowza!!  I guess the great testament to all of this, is how long squash lasts without going bad!!  And not only did they not go bad… they were delicious.  Even after our scorcher oven worked its magic once again and we had to cut off some charred bits, the squash was sweet and tender in a delicate mix of sweet and savory that well is unlike any other squash i’ve tasted.

  One of the most interesting things I learned about delicata squash that I don’t know to be true of any other (yet) is that you the skin is edible.  While it is slightly glossy and has an appearance like many other squashes, the delicata peel is thin and does not need to be removed before eating.  The salad recipe is not Martha Stewart.  I know you’re finding it hard to believe.  But no, the recipe is from Bon Appetit, Dandelion Salad with Pomegranate Seeds, Pine Nuts, and Roasted Delicata Squash, and I found it at the website which houses recipes from a variety of magazines including Bon Appetit, Gourmet and Epicurious(Is this an actual magazine didn’t know this was a magazine, I’m still learning) But yes, the recipe is from there, and there may be more non-Martha recipes popping up as we become the recipients of Bon Appetit, along side Martha Stewartdelicatasalad1 Living and Cooks Illustrated. I haven’t included anything from there yet either! Shame on me!! Perhaps we will try the pumpkin pie this weekend as I think we decided to re-make the apple for Thanksgiving 🙂

The other thing I loved about this salad was the pomegranate seeds.  I bought my first pomegranate and pre-checked youtube and cooking sites to see the best approach to getting the seeds out.  The tip seems to be doing it in a bowl of water.   Pomegranate juice stains!!  And the many little seeds sometimes explode as they are being picked out of the fruit shell.  So if you open it and split it under water you can contain the little explosions and prevent ruining what you have on.  In addition the seeds are more dense than the water and sink to the bottom, while the material that they were encased in floats to the top, so after all is said and done you can skim the top to remove all the extra material and drain the seeds through a strainer.  INGENIOUS!!  I love little tips like this. 

Now what I need to do is find a source for delicata squash other than the food share.  While the uncertainty of what might show up in the food share each week is fun, sometimes you have a craving and want what you want!!  Know of a place to find them?  Seen them at your local market?  Let me know!!


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