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Fruit and Veggie Sleeve Tattoo
November 20, 2008, 4:03 pm
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Just cruising around the internet I found this cool link to 10 Food Tattoos, which featured this Fruit and Veggie Sleeve tattoo inked by Russ Abbott.


Russ owns a tattoo shop in Decatur, Georgia and does some pretty amazing tattoos. He’s a featured artist on Jim Bean sponsored, . With lots of sleeve work his tattoos always seem to tell a big story, and I like this one about food. On his personal website he notes that the owner of this tattoo “Ben was our front counter guy when I worked over at 13 Roses. I tattooed this fruits and veggies sleeve on him during that time. He is vegan but I think he eats more french fries than veggies” HA! I wonder if they are from McDonald’s. The controversy there has been going on for a while. First the vegetarians find out that McDonald’s confirmed their french fries were made with beef extract. Then in 2006 the vegans have found out they use milk in their french fries. The fact that McDonald’s uses animal products in foods like french fries that one might at first assume were vegetarian or vegan is not what upsets me. What upsets me is that if you go to McDonald’s website for nutritional value for all their menu items and read the fine print at the bottom you’ll find the following statement “None of our products are certified as vegetarian.” While I can understand this disclaimers presence is likely a legal formality resulting from the troubles their previous claims regarding vegetarian food options has caused them, this kind of statement seems very far fetched when you look at familiar items like the Hot Fudge Sundae and Baked Hot Apple Pie. Surely a lot of these foods may contain eggs or milk, but the statement isn’t referring to Vegan products, but vegetarian?? I refuse to believe that the “natural beef flavor” that makes the french fries a non-vegetarian item is really included of any of the ice-cream sundaes or shakes. Seriously!!!

Anywhoozle, I got totally sidetracked there. Tattoos. I was talking about tattoos. The fruit and veggie sleeve is awesome!! It makes me want one 🙂


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The city in Georgia is actually spelled “Decatur”. With a U. I grew up around there.

The squash salad, by the way, looks amazing. I really badly want to try that.

Comment by boonreincarnated

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