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Make a Plan and stick to It: A weeks worth of food in our apartment
January 4, 2009, 10:44 pm
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Make a plan and stick to it. This used to be religion. Planning my life and sticking to the plan no matter what was my saviour from depression. You figure out that you’re miserable. You live in it, you let it consume you, you reach that all time low and then you decide to do something about it. I’m not the depressive I used to be, and planning is still a big part of my life. (perhaps at times I need to let go and live a little bit more in the moment. However…)

I present the food planning that happens at our apartment, and perhaps the new heights we are taking it to.


Several months ago April and I ran into our friends Dan and Ann at the local Trader Joes. It was your basic “Hey, funny running into you here” conversation, that is until Dan spotted our shopping list. April and I attack our food plans in a very exacting planned manner. Seven days in a week. Meals for every day, planned out with shopping list to fulfill said dishes. It’s organized, it’s to the point, it gets the job done. Dan thought it was a little crazy.

The Ins and Outs to our food planning.

Plan for Dinner first.   
When you are cooking for two there are often leftover. While the above picture shows plans for breakfast lunch and dinner, this is more of an anomaly that a standard practice. If you make a dinner plan, you will often have leftovers such that one or both of you can have food to take for lunch the next day. This saves on money spent at lunch, ensures you will eat healthier than the fast food joint close to work, and if you have the kind of commute I do, it allows you to eat while you work, and spend a little less time at work.

Know that as much as try to plan it, your plan is going to be broken.
You’re going to come home late some nite and not be able to execute the meal you were planning on. This is just how life works. If you can plan this inability to always stay on task (Seriously, this happens to everybody!) you’re going to feel much better about it. It helps to plan to at least one meal a week around ingredients that will keep if you dont’ get around to using them. Therefore on the day that you just can’t get a meal made at home, and you end up ordering in from the local Chinese joint you wont’ have to be upset. It’s as if it’s part of the plan.

Pick things you like.
This sounds too simple, and I am a victim of over thinking it. While it’s fun to experiment and try new things, don’t overwhelm yourself. Choose dished you know how to make and you know you like. Then when things go astray some nites you’ll know you have your favourite meal to look forward to the next day.

We use the method of planning meals and making our shopping plans accordingly. While convenience would like to push us to shop at one location, know that if food is important to you, you will probably have to go to more than one store to get everything you want. Nobody has everything. Rank the importance of certain things to you and shop accordingly. Do you care more about freshness or cost? Would you rather pay more to have something be certified organic, or get a good deal at the local mart?? These are things to consider as you execute your shopping. We shop first at shops that supply organic, local and eco-minded foods. Then what we can’t find there we pick up at our local marts, supporting the local mom and pop operations. If we still don’t have what we want, we move on to the chains.

But whatever you do… Enjoy your food. It’s a huge part of life. You shouldn’t skip over all the wonder it has to offer you.


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