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New Years Resolutions! A new recipe a week!
January 4, 2009, 10:09 pm
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2009 is here!!  I do follow the New Years traditions of resolutions, perhaps even a little more extreme.  Well, maybe only extreme in my hopes to try and beat the system.  I don’t just make one resolution in hopes of becoming a better person.  As a realist, I know I won’t be able to keep most of any resolutions I set out to make, so i try to make as many as possible in hopes that at least a few of them will be possible.  So a couple quick ones that end up on the list every year… 1) floss everyday 2) take a daily vitamin 3) put in those damn eye drops to prevent myself from going blind (I hate medication)  These are of course the ones that go up every year as things I should of course be doing as part of my daily routines, but I dont’ like doing them, I’m not excited to work on them.  They are just things I need to work on to stay alive and healthy.  What I get more excited about it the resolutions that are repeating or new that I’m pscyhed about making.  Included in there this year is the resoluion to…

COOK A NEW RECIPE EVERY WEEK!! – While I love to cook, this is sometimes a struggle.  Everybody falls into a rut and can’t get into the kitchen. I am not immune to this syndrome.  I spent the good part of the last month eating Jimmy Johns, pizza and burgers at the Edgewater lounge.  But it’s a new year and I’m excited about food.  I checked this resolution off my list this week tonite by making a Vegetarian Squash and Black Bean Chili.  



Recipe courtesy of the new x-mas purchase from Borders with some gift certificates of the “bon appetit:  fast easy fresh” which hits on so many of my wants in a recipe.  Fast is essential, work and commute take too much time away from having time to prepare an elaborate meal at home every nite.  I need it now and I need it now!!!  Then there’s the fresh.  I’ve really enjoyed working with the seasonal produce of the food share, and this means all your ingredients are fresh.  The easy is just an added benefit.  April often accuses me of wanting to make the hardest recipes.   I feel the need to challenge myself and prepare some crazy delectable meals that I have been slaving over all day.  Usually I save these for early Friday’s 🙂  While I would love to spend more time all the time, it just doesn’t work this way.


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