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French Sable Cookies: There used to be sweets in my life.
January 12, 2009, 2:04 pm
Filed under: Cooking

Jumping back in time, I want to recollect about some of the best cookies I ever made.  They are French Sable Cookies with recipe from Cooks Illustrated Magazine. 



French Sable cookies, are a butter cookie that are crisp and crumbly.  They were so tasty, and in the pretzel form.  Ultra Cute!!  Sable translates to “sand” which refers to the crumbly texture of the French Sable cookie.  According to Cooks Illustrated problems with making the cookie crumbly come from the amount of moisture that is in the cookie.  Too much moisture and you lose the texture.  So… Cooks Illustrated gets around this by hard boiling an egg and adding only the yolk.  You remove the moisture ahead of time, and therefore it does not interfere with the distribution of sugar throughout the cookie.

To make them look like pretzels they were washed with egg white and sprinkled with turbinado sugar or Sugar in the Raw.


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