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Week 2: Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain
January 16, 2009, 7:57 pm
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Oh Kitchen Confidential. How I enjoyed you. Props to the Shabanov for making sure I added this one to my list. I’ve watched Anthony Bourdain’s show “No Reservations” plenty of times, and perhaps that what gave this book the extra kick that made me love it so. It was as if Tony himself was reading it to me, or rather he was sitting in the back room of the Edgewater Lounge, (by their newly added fireplace, love it!!!) telling me about the adventures he has had in the restaurant biz. He’s got such an air, an authority, a tell it like it is showmanship, that is really just honesty. He tells it like he feels it. Sometimes he may be bullshitting, but it’s because he knows he can get away with it. And we’ll let him. We want him to. Perhaps that’s what makes this even more pleasureable. I don’t think he is BS. In fact, I think there are plenty of things he toned down to spare the innocent. For those of us who haven’t worked in the restaurant industry (I briefly worked at a hotdog stand after high school taking orders and bussing table, so my experience is limited) he gives us the inside view. The long hours, the lack of sleep, the drugs, the alcohol, the debauchary. He lets us in on all of it. And he ends in a way I just love. He says not to believe a word he says. After he goes to visit a fellow chef and observes the calm and cool kitchen. The drama free air. He takes it all back. It’s just his experience after all. And that’s why it’s great. It’s his and he owns it.

I highly recommend Kitchen Confidential to anybody looking for a good read. Foodie or not, you’ll love this book. It draws you in. You wonder, will he make it? Will he be able to deliver? Will he survive this hell? Well I suppose we know he survives. He wrote the book after all, but pick it up, check it out, borrow it from a friend. Just read it.

star star star star


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