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Harvestime Foods: 2632 W. Lawrence Ave
January 19, 2009, 5:11 pm
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I did most of the grocery shopping yesterday at Harvestime Foods.  A place extolled by our friends Dan and Anne.  Located near Lincoln Square on Lawrence just west of Western this store has great produce, meats and breads. It was a very pleasant shopping experience.  Poking around in a new store, checking out their specialty items (in this case lots of pickled vegetables, canned seafood and a variety of Greek and Latin foods) is always somewhat of an adventure.  Trying to find all the things you need can initially be a challenge, but looking at all the different food stuffs is something new I am enjoying. 

The produce looked quite nice.  The berries I purchased black and blue, were found at the low prices of $1.19 and $.99 each.  Such a steal!!  I was thrilled.  They also had some other fun fruits, like pomegranate and papaya.  They had a variety of different apples, oranges and pears, and the fresh herb section was especially nice.  Fresh basil, dill, parsley, the only one I wanted that they didn’t have was rosemary (this was unfortunate).  But the basil was fresh cuts, not just the leaves, packaged up for consumer packaging tastes, but cut, put into bundles and rubberbanded together.  Wonderful!!!  The only other item I wanted that I left without was shallots.  I know they aren’t the most popular item, but I certainly thought they had climbed up the ranks of onion/garlic stocks to be on the shelf.  😦 

The meat counter was especially nice.  Fresh cuts to order.  1 pound of sirloin and 1 pound of ground turkey.  Cut and packaged to order.  They did have a small section of prepackaged meats, but most of it was laid out deli style, with a glass case, counter and a butcher waiting on the other side to take your order.  Love it!!! 

They also had a variety of fresh baked breads.  Things made from the simplest list of ingredients.  Flour. Yeast. Honey. Water.  None of the extra preservatives and colorings and High Fructose Corn Syrup.  A Ukranian Rye and Sourdough.  Mmm…  I purchased a round loaf of Whole Wheat.  Tasty tasty toast!!  It’s nice to find foods closer to their origins.  The list of ingredients on convenience foods moves the item further and further away from actual food, that it starts to become absurd. 

All in all I would recommend shopping at  foods.  If you cook from scratch and don’t require a lot of extra processed items, you will most likely find 95% of what you’re looking for.  And other people know what I’m talking about.  The parking lot was entirely full.  I waited 10 minutes for a spot before giving up and finding one on the street.  I don’t mind carrying the groceries a little ways.  It’s good for me.  So try it out.  It’s got the goods.


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