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Crab Crunch and Salsify
January 21, 2009, 12:28 pm
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 There are successes and there are failures.  I know that you need one to have the other, but still there is disappointment when things don’t work out the way you think they should.  Last nites dinner of crab cakes and salsify was decent.  Not a failure, but I wouldn’t exactly call it a success.

Let’s start with the Crab Cakes.  Lump crab meat is expensive, even more so when you buy it at Whole Foods.  However, they didn’t have it at the first grocery store I had been at, so we stopped by Whole Foods


on our way home from seeing Revolutionary Road (side note, very good don’t see it if you’re looking for a pick me up).  The woman behind the seafood counter section showed us to the refrigerated section where they had pre-packaged lump crab meat.  $3.99.  Not bad.  Get two containers, add it with our few other items and we’re ready to go.  Until.  You check out and each container rings up at an alarming $14.99 a piece!!!  Definitely read the sign wrong.   What is meant to be just part of our Tuesday nite dinner is now costing us 30 dollars!!!  Stop. Return that, get the canned stuff.  It’s still not $3.99 a can, but much less expensive.  I don’t know what canned crab meat at  Jewel or Dominick’s might cost, but crab cakes are being viewed as a treat by my pocketbook right now.

After chopping and cooking onions and celery.  Measuring all the spices, sauces, mayo, parsley and mixing it with crab meat I thought.  Boy these cakes aren’t sticking together very well.  I’m not sure how breading them is going to go.  Not well is the case.  Gingerly touched, they still fell apart.   I was able to place in them in the pan whole for first side browning, but forget flipping them.  Crab cakes became crab crunch.  Not the same, but April didn’t disapprove.  She claimed to like them, although I didn’t find anything super special about the seasoning, and am still working on adding seafood and fish to my diet as something to be enjoyed.   My vote is don’t make these again.

Salsify.  Salsify is just strange.  Maybe more strange because I hadn’t even heard of it before last week.  April compared the finished version to french fries, but I won’t be buying this as substitute any time soon.  salsifyI prepared the brown root vegetable per Emeril’s recipe here.  #1- Peel the salsify.  No problem.  Softer than a carrot, peeling was relatively easy but time consuming.  What’s strange is that you peel a section to reveal a milky white flesh which immediately starts to brown.  Within seconds it is a brownish hue.  The ends that I cut also leaked a milky substance,  oozing out the top really.  Never seen anything like it before.  #2 Cook it.  Put it on the stove top in a mixture of milk, water, salt and pepper.  Bring it to a boil and simmer it for about 15 minutes.  Pull it out and let it cool.  #3 Coat it in cornstarch and sear it stovetop in olive oil.  Kind of looks like a french fry.  A duller french fry. 

But the salsify didn’t seem to have any distinct flavour.  I couldn’t detect an oyster flavour, which had been hinted at in articles I had read.  Nothing sharp, tart or tangy.  Nothing to push you to either side.  Just a cooked root vegetable substance with a little browned coating.  

Alone the dishes looked sad in their pans.  Blah and unappealing.  Which is why there are sauces and garnish.  The red pepper and mayo sauce to top the crab added some much needed color, and a sprig of parsley brightened up the plate. 


Like I said, not a total failure, but not exactly a success.


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