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Week 4: The South Beach Diet by Arthur Agatston M.D.
January 26, 2009, 3:20 pm
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This is not a diet blog.  This is a food blog.  A Mmm… Food Blog.  So while I have read the South Beach Diet and am following the plan, the food I’m eating is no less tasty or satisfying than it was before.  In fact we’ve been doing more cooking than ever!!  Which totally works out in favor both tastiness wise, health-wise and budget wise.  🙂  I wont’ go into all the details, but South Beach is a 3 Phase Diet.  Phase 1 lasts two weeks.  The first two weeks you start you are stabilizing your glycemic index by not eating sugar in the form of soda, candy, ice cream, fruits, bread, pasta or most carbohydrates.  Phase 2 lasts from after the first two weeks until you are at your goal weight.  Here you get to add some carbohydrates back in.  Good carbs only though.  Fruits, whole wheat pastas, brown and wild rice, whole grain breads.  No french bread, white flour or cookies.  But you get to eat almost everything else.  Phase 3 adds most things back in, in moderation such that you maintain.  But really what I think is cool about the whole thing is that while it is labelled a diet, it doesn’t especially feel like one.  Sure cutting out things like my morning Coke, and a bag of chips from the vending machine, as well as deep-dish pizza when we get home late and don’t want to cook isn’t easy, but anybody, even those not on a “diet” know eating too much of that stuff isn’t good for you.  Eating by the South Beach plan means planning our meals out.  Knowing what we are going to eat on a weekly basis, and executing meals to make sure we have the food we want to eat available to us when we’re hungry. 

I was laughing at the New Year’s Resolution to cook at least 1 new recipe a week.  We’ve made at least 5 new recipes every week so far.  It hasn’t been hard.  Just the opposite, there are so many things we want to try, we haven’t been repeating.  April did voice the concern that she would like to repeat some of the things we’ve made, and this would certainly make planning easier, but it’s still fun to go through and pick out all sorts of new things. 

The book and diet plan seem sound.  I was very skeptical at first, but I like that Dr. Agatston talks about only looking at this eating plan as a therapeutic way to improve the lives of his heart patients.  He wasn’t trying to create a diet to make people skinnier.  However, as he says in the intro to his book “I see now that the cosmetic benefits of losing weight are extremely important because they so effectively motivate the young and the old-even more than the promise of healthy hear, it often seems.” (The South Beach Diet, p7)  I for one agree. 🙂


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