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Homemade Pizza. Delicious!
January 30, 2009, 11:52 am
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I always used to believe that pizza was best ordered out.  Call it my Chicago roots talking but I love deep dish Chicago style pizza.  Thick and cheesy.  Giordano’stops my list but there are many other places I love a slice at.  This is not something you can just make at home either.  So with that considered, making pizza at home was usually seen as a money saving opportunity or food adventure by making my own crust and topping it with unlikely items, (like the prosciutto and egg pizza we tried earlier this year).  So last nite I was just looking for an easy fix to the problem that we had extra pesto in our fridge and needed a food solution to use it up.  Stepping up to the plate was Trader Joes.


Trader Joes sells pizza dough still in it’s raw dough form.  You just have to roll it out, top it with whatever you choose and bake for 7 or 8 minutes.  It’s fresher and tastier than any kind of Boboli or other pre-baked pizza dough, and it comes in a Whole Wheat version which makes it a little healthier.  (I say a little because even at home, pizza is not the prize winning choice for healthy meals.  However… last nite it was easy to make, cheaper than getting a pizza delivered, and one of the tastiest homemade pizzas I’ve ever made!!!

Instead of using a red pizza sauce, I used the pesto as the base.  I topped it with some pepperoni and fresh mushrooms and then covered it with a part skim mozzarella.  In the oven for 8 minutes and wala!!!  Heaven.  We ate the whole thing.  I felt overfull when we were done, but when it tastes that good you just can’t stop yourself.  Well maybe YOU can, but I can’t.


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