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Off the Beaten Path : Getting Groceries from alternate sources
February 11, 2009, 3:07 pm
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We tried to take advantage of the beautiful 50 degree weather in Chicago this weekend by investigating a new park with the dog.  What was not considered was the amount of meltoff and flooding that would come with the 50 degree weather, considering all the snow and cold we have had up to this glorious weekend!!! MUD CITY!!!  Alas, it was a fun adventure.  I’m trying to work my way around all the city parks, there are so many of them and the dog loves getting out and about as much as I’m enjoying seeing something new.  But anywhoozle.  The point here starts then with post dog park mud explorations we were planning on getting some groceries on the way home. 

On our way to Trader Joes, we saw a sign outside a Church Building advertising “WINTER FARMERS MARKET : PUBLIC WELCOME”  So we swung a right with the car, circled back and went in to check out the goods.  I was initially hoping for a larger variety of fresh vegetables and squash and such, but what we found was 40 bucks worth of homegrown goodness such as …

021009-003Organic Salsas with no added sugar or preservatives.  Eat it up!!!  Brought to you by Tomato Mountain Farms in Brooklyn Wisconsin.  The smoky one is super tasty!!


021009-006Breakfast Sausage and Lean Ground Beef from Arnolds Farm.  Note – this guy takes orders for his meat and makes some kind of monthly delivery to the Chicago area.  I’m looking into this more as these were some super tasty links!!!!  

021009-004Buckwheat Flour – Seriously we couldn’t even find this stuff at Whole Foods, the mecca of out of the way “Health Food” flours such as Buckwheat.  It’s in a Foodsaver container which is a whole other post to come.  April foodsaved most of our freezer this past weekend 🙂  You can find this one at Ted’s Organic Grainsin Dekalb Illinois.  Which ooh, they have a bunch of flours that all look rather spectacular!!!  Perhaps we’ll have to try some others 🙂

Baby Bella Mushrooms – No pic, but these things were plump and beautiful!!!

021009-005Blue Cheddar Cheese – I want to try some Mac and Cheese Recipe for this tasty consumption!!!  Know of any??  This one is from Ropp Jersey Cheeselocated in Normal Il.  Holla at my Aunt and Uncle!! They used to live in Normal.

Next time I see one of these signs I’ll be sure to be stopping again!!!  You never know what you are going to find.


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Ropp Cheese is wonderful! You can go to their farm and watch them make the cheese.

Comment by Nola

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