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Enchiladas with Pumpkin Sauce
February 19, 2009, 11:42 am
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I’m sentimentally attached to my Everyday Food: Great Food Fast cookbook by Martha Stewart.  It was one of the first real cookbooks I ever purchased and I’ve made quite a few recipes from it, and was therefore happy when April picked several recipes from it to cook this week.  One of our new tries was these Enchiladas with Pumpkin Sauce.
April roasted the last pie pumpkin for the food share for the recipe, but after I pureed it I found we only had a little more than a cup and the recipe calls for 15 oz.  What to do??  Like in the pumpkin pie recipe we used from Cooks Illustrated April had the good idea to add in sweet potato.  By cutting it into small pieces she was quickly able to cook the sweet potato on the stove top to add to our pumpkin so we would have enough for the sauce.  I think it was a really great addition.  Pumpkin and sweet potato go really well together. 

While I continue to feel and internal pressure to follow the recipe I do think I’m learning to color outside the lines a bit more.  Besides the switch out with sweet potato and pumpkin we made a number of other tweaks to this recipe. 

We used a 9X13 pan instead of the 8×8 Martha recommends.  As April started assembling it became quickly obvious that not everything was going to fit into the small 8×8.  There was so much more sauce than could fit in that tiny area.

We used 6 8inch whole wheat tortillas instead of 8 6inch corn tortillas.  Other people on Martha’s site complained about the corn tortillas completely falling apart.  Not so with the whole wheat flour 🙂 

And one bit of amazement was the adding of 2 1/2 cups of water.  Both of our intial thoughts were, that is going to be way too much water.  But  not so.  It thinned the sauce down just enough. 

We also added sour cream, some left over avocado creama and tomatoes on top.  This will happen again when we repeat, which we both agreed should be done again.  Also, we’ll probably add a little cilantro if only for garnish 🙂


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