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February 24, 2009, 4:50 pm
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There are of course millions of variations and this is a variation on a Martha recipe.  I was raised on a rather simple version of elbow macaroni and grated mild cheddar.  Yes that’s it.  That’s my mom’s cooking for ya!  Simple!  To the point!!  I still prefer this 2 ingredient version, but instead prefer the small shell over the elbow macaroni.  But… this time around the recipe included the Ropp Blue Cheddar cheese we purchased at the Winter Farmers Market 2 weeks ago mixed with a more lentilwalnut-012standard medium yellow cheddar from the Devon Market.  I started with one of Martha’s many different recipes (this one from Everyday Food) for Macaroni and Cheese and changed it up by of course swapping out kinds of cheese, using low fat milk, whole wheat small shells, whole grain bread and leaving out the ham.  Results 2.5 stars out of 4.  While flavor was tasty (the blue cheddar gave it a nice pungent kick), it lost that creaminess and had a kind of grainy texture.  😦  Who knows what the exact cause was,  The blue cheddar was a bit more crumbly than moist (as some blues tend to be) so perhaps this was the downfall, or perhaps it was the lowfat milk.  Cooking time.  Reduction of milk.  I dont’ have enough experience to tell you where this went wrong.  Hopefully I’ll have better luck next time.  Do you have a favourite mac and cheese recipe?  Or place to order it?


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