Mmm… Food

They should call me the container lady!
June 5, 2009, 10:43 am
Filed under: Random Facts

Lunch at work is usually an array of containers (packaged by the lovely April for my consumption) full of a variety of leftovers and new items.  And sometimes it gets a little out of control. 

food 108

This meal from last week contained

1. light blue lid: condiments for hot dog including mustard, ketchup, onions, relish, tomatos 

2. white ramekin: raspberry jello with blackberries

3. dark blue lid: pineapple chunks

4. bottle of ranch dressing for green salad

5. tupperware with green salad

6. baggie with lemon cake muffin (Oh my god these were good!!  From and issue of Martha’s “Great Food Fast” magazine that I picked up for free at a garage sale a couple days before!  Praise to Ilana for fine preparations!)

7. hot dog: awaiting condiments from above

8. container of “oriental fansy mix” as sold by edgewater produce containing, peanuts, wasabi peas, pumpkin seeds, cashes and rice crackers

9.bag of rice crackers from Trader Joes. (the number of rice cracker sin #8 just wasn’t sufficient for me.  find a replacement!!)

I used to carry this mass of containers to work in whatever random bag I happened to grab that morning, but have now stepped it up with a fine little insulated Lunch Bag.  Well not so little.  It’s too large to fit in the fridge easily, so while the container journey to and from work in this bag they still get stored in the mini-fridge at work individually.  Still a step up though.  which makes me think now…. IT”S TIME FOR LUNCH!!!


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