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Valentines Day: Disappointments and Rewards
February 20, 2009, 12:05 pm
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For Valentines day we contemplated several restaurants.  Lula was offering a fixed menu and was actually taking reservations, but it seemed a little seafood heavy and came at a cost of $75.  We could go to Francseca’sthe little Italian place we had tried last year.  The food was delicious and I always loved an order of pasta.  But no, we decided to forgo the dinner nite out and instead treat ourselves to a splurge of Hot Dougs hot dogs!!!  We’d been talking about going there for what feels like forever and had never made it.  This seemed like the perfect opportunity.  They only make their duck fat fries on Friday and Saturday so that too worked well into our plan.  So… on Saturday after planning our weekly food menu, walking the dog and doing some grocery shopping we set out a little late around 1:45 to get a belly full of goodness only to be greeted when we got there with this!!!! 


A line, and not just any line, it stretch a block down such that you couldn’t even see the restaurant anymore. 


Now perhaps I should have expected this as we had just watched Anthony Bourdain’s Chicago episode of No Reservations where he goes to Hot Dougs and also finds a line, but he went in summer!! and it wasn’t Valentines day!! when I thought most people would step it up and not just get hot dogs like us.  We were sadly mistaken.  Estimating the line to be at least an hour long, and having only eaten 2 eggs for breakfast (so in order to be fully hungry for this tasty treat) we left Hot Dougs behind and headed to Evanston to get our hot dog fix at


Weiner and Still Champion.  And here is the reward. 


Country Fried Bacon.  What is it you ask?  Glorious battered deep fried bacon served with an Argentinian Herb and Garlic Mayonnaise and a spicy bbq sauce, like what you might find with hot wings.  OH MY GOD!!!  It was salty fatty heaven!!! Accompanying this mound of goodness we each chowed down on two Chicago dogs and cheese fries and a Coke!!! 


Heaven.  We enjoyed ourselves thouroughly.  Stuffed to the brim we rolled ourselves out of the small restaurant and poured ourselves into the car to go watch Coraline(which was awesome).  So Hot Doug’s  we’re sad we didn’t get to enjoy what has been famed but Weiner and Still Champion, thanx for coming thru and letting us know there’s more than one great hot dog stand in this fine city.  (Well a close suburb, but still) 

Weiner and Still Champion is located on Dempster just west of Chicago in Evanston.  Check them out tonite!!!


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Now that looks like a true artery feast.

Comment by erichason

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